11 Reasons to Use Protective Measures While Fighting the Spread of COVID-19

In these unprecedented times, it is important to keep ourselves and the people around us safe. There are several ways to help prevent the spread of the virus.

Some of these ways include washing our hands frequently, using sanitizers, wearing gloves, maintaining 6 ft social distancing, keeping social gatherings limited to under 10 people, and most importantly, wearing a mask.

Wearing a mask over your mouth and nose prevents infected people from spreading respiratory droplets to others when they cough, sneeze or talk. Even when it seems you do not have any symptoms, you might be carrying the virus, which is super contagious.

I summed up the main reasons why every person should follow these precautions and the CDC guidelines:

1. Save more lives! – Think of how many lives you could potentially save if you followed the CDC guidelines. Why wouldn’t you want to be a part of that?

2. Small businesses can open and stay open – support the local community by slowing the spread of COVID-19. We do not want another lockdown that will impact the economy. Also, while inside the business, maintain social distancing as much as you can and wear a mask!

3. So, kids can go back to school and stay there – To keep our kids and teachers safe, we should use all precautions necessary. With that said, while kids are peacefully at school, most parents can go back to work.

4. Be a leader in your community by showing a great example. Wear a mask when leaving the house, wash your hands frequently, and maintain social distancing.

5. It is very impolite to get other people sick, especially with such a contagious respiratory disease.

6. Keep yourself warm in the winter - By wearing a mask, your face from the nose to the chin will automatically feel warmer without the need for additional accessories.

7. Let's show the essential workers we care for and appreciate them. They work extremely hard to keep us safe and alive so let us show them our appreciation by being healthy and slowing the spread of COVID-19.

8. Stay home as much as possible – The best way to maintain social distanced is to stay home! Cherish these moments with your family. The less you leave the house, the less chance you will get infected or infect others. Do not forget, if you unknowingly carry the disease, you can potentially infect tens and hundreds of people, including your family.

9. Save money on makeup and lipstick – You could cover up a pimple or save money on lipstick. When You wear a mask, you can use makeup on half a face since by wearing a mask, people do not see the entire face.

10. It would be nice to take that vacation in Europe finally – By slowing down the spread of COVID-19 and eliminating it, you to could take that vacation you dreamed about and

hopefully, enjoy the nice cuisine and tourism without wearing a mask.

11. Finally, who needs a respiratory disease flying in the air. Do yourself and society a favor and use all the precautions necessary to slow down the spread of COVID-19, be safe and healthy.


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