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'INB' Contributed PPE To The MCPD - 4th District

'INB' was honored to contribute Sports Masks, Surgical Masks, and UV Sanitizing Bags to 185 officers of the Montgomery County Police Station, 4th District Station.

In appreciation to the brave officers, who are doing an incredible job during these unprecedented times, we want to thank the phenomenal team of the MCPD and every police officer who risks their lives each day in order to keep our community safe and so we can sleep well at night.

While we are witnessing one of the more challenging years for 1st responders and medical teams, we envy them to feel safe, recognized, and appreciated, while it is challenging to be on the front line every day, especially during a pandemic.

It was an honor to meet Captain Marc Yamada and the wonderful Lieutenants, who greeted us with much kindness.

Thank you all for your service!

Special thank you to:

Dan B. Gigi

Naomi Cohen

Becky Simkovich

Tani Simkovich

Maya Deutsch

Who made it possible.

'INB' is committed to supporting the community. We are eager to help as much as we can.

If you are willing to help us with that cause so we can reach more people in need, contact us at:

202-780-1161 ext. 111 or email


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