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INB Donated PPE To The SSLC

From the left: Mr. Dan Bengigi, Mrs. Naomi Cohen, Mrs. Shoshana Shechter, Mrs. Leila Baker

INB is delighted to donate Personal Protective Equipment to the Silver Spring Learning Center. The professional team does an incredible job keeping the children safe and happy, especially during these unprecedented times. We want to thank the SSLC excellent team of brave individuals who make a significant difference to parents during these unprecedented times, knowing that their children are being treated with kindness and warmth.


We have provided them with:

  • 360 KN95 Masks

  • 500 Surgical Masks

  • 4 UV Sanitizing Bags

  • 10 Face Shields

  • 3 Contactless Thermometers

INB is committed to supporting the community. We are eager to help as much as we can.

If you are willing to help us with that cause, so we can reach more people in need, please contact us at

202-780-1161 ext. 111 or email

Silver Spring, MD

In the picture:

(From left to right)

Mrs. Leila Baker - SSLC Teacher

Mrs. Naomi Cohen - INB's COO

Mr. Dan Bengigi - INB's CEO

Mrs. Shoshana Shechter - SSLC Principal


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