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INB Is Set To Launch 'Auratio'

INB is launching 'Auratio,' a start-up development company.

"The launch is expected toward the end of the 4th quarter of this year," said CEO Dan Gigi. "The company is separating its operation into different segments. In comparison, INB will continue to procure advanced technologies for the US Federal Government, US Army, Navy, Air-Force, state and local authorities, and various US companies.

The new company 'Auratio,' will focus on developing trailblazer technologies. While one of the company's project is confidential, we can share that the founder, Mr. Dan Gigi, has completed a Trademark registration for the EV's segment. The brand LION is developing Electric Scooters as its first stage and Electric Mopeds in its second stage.

Mr. Gigi stated that the vehicle's future is certain to be electrical and hydrogen and that fossil fuel will no longer justify its costs.

'Lion' Scooters will be selling its models in the US market during the first stage and is expected to distribute to the European market in the third quarter of 2021.

The 'Lion' first model, the SafariX, is set to have the capability to reach a speed of 16 MPH and a battery range of 11.1-18.6 Miles. With a 12.5A battery, a different model will have the ability to reach 28 MPH and 18.6-25 Miles. Said Dan. "Our goal is to provide an excellent scooter for a great price. We cannot compromise the safety of the rider. Thus, we test the scooter in most harsh conditions. Some of the tests are so extreme, such as heating the battery to 150 F degrees. Or another test, "they toss the scooter from 30 Ft to check its resistance." Added Dan. 'Auratio' will own the brand and will launch 'Lion' expectedly after finalizing its tests.

LION SafariX Electric Scooter
LION SafariX Electric Scooter

Lion Electric Scooter 2020


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